What is Las Vegas Nightclub Dress Code

Often, we’ll chat people who aren’t used to the dress code in Las Vegas nightclubs. It is understandable. We’re often asked; ‘why would a club not let me in if we’re willing to spend money?’ This is a discussion that could last for hours, but the bottom line is that there are rules to attire and the clubs will not let you in, unless you’re dressed appropriately. Ultimately, the way people are dressed effects the atmosphere of the establishment. Here’s some things to understand. 

Las Vegas Night Club Dress Code

Dress Code for Men


No Sneakers or Athletic Shoes. No Nikes. No Yeezy’s. Doesn’t matter how expensive they are.


No Timberland boots or anything similar.


No hats or baseball caps.


No logo tee shirts


No ripped or baggy jeans. No cargo pants.


No shorts at all.

Dress Code For Ladies


Flip flops are not allowed. Formal shoes are needed. We strongly recommend wearing wedges or heels. 

General Attire

Blouse or nice top. Pants are allowed but must fit a generally nice look.