Is Las Vegas Busy?

Is Las Vegas Busy

Is Las Vegas Busy? 

This is a question that has been coming up a lot since the pandemic. Is Las Vegas busy? Is Las Vegas ‘back’. Short answer is yes, oh yes, it’s busy. In fact there are several records that are being consistently set in Las Vegas in terms of gaming. Las Vegas is an ever changing environment on the macro. Revenue does well because of entertainment (which includes bars, clubs and restaurants), gaming and convention business. You’ll constantly find a shift of whom is filling the hotel rooms, but you can rest assured it’s always busy. 

For the most part, unless you’re working in Las Vegas you’re not going to notice the difference between if a person is there for business, partying or gambling. A person is a person. A restaurant is either busy or it’s not. The streets are either filled or they’re empty. 

The gambling crowd seems to be filling up the rooms a lot, but there are a lot of partiers. Nightclubs are full. We have noticed that the mid-week crowd hasn’t filled up as much as the weekend crowd. More-so than we usually see throughout the year. Conventions are back, but they’re not full force yet. Until they are, that mid week crowd is a little lower. 

Also, the International crowds aren’t back yet. Even though people can travel freely, most countries require a PCR test to get back into the country and that is a large obstacle for many people. PCR tests can be expensive and complicated to get while you’re on vacation. As a result, that international travel still remains lower than usual. 

But if you’re wondering Las Vegas is a ghost town. No. It’s busy. It’s really busy. Particularly on weekends.