Print your ticket. Have it and your I.D. with you to show to your host at check-in.

Arrive on time so you can take part in the hosted games, drink specials and snacks provided by the venue, with no-cover and fast-pass entry.

You will want to be dressed to impress. The venues have strict dress codes that they will enforce. (see #2 below). Be aware, during the COVID-19 era, when nightclubs are shut down, we may be attending only bars, which have no dress code.

Meet hundreds of fun people at the first venue. Remember to stay with the group when you leave.

Your hosts will escort you to the third fun venue, where you can play more games and enjoy any of the venue provided specials, with no-cover and fast-pass entry.

Your hosts will escort you to the fourth and fifth (if you have a fifth on your crawl) top club venues, where you can party like a rockstar, with no-cover and fast-pass entry.


These Terms and Conditions can also be found on your ticket.

1. Your ticket is required to participate If you purchased your ticket from a sales associate, you must bring your physical paper ticket to check in. If your physical ticket is not present, you will NOT get in. No photos of the ticket will be accepted under any circumstance. Just like a movie, or a baseball game you need your ticket for admission.

If you purchased your ticket online, simply bring your digital ticket from your email receipt, on your phone, to check in.

2. Dress code strictly enforced – Each venue has their own dress code and they will enforce it. Dress Code is upscale fashionable attire. Not permitted: ratty hats, sandals, dirty or older sneakers, flip-flops, men’s boots (like Timberland), ripped or baggy clothing, shorts, camouflage, and athletic wear. Collared shirts are required for men. Please be aware during the COVID-19 era, when clubs are shut down, we attend bars that don’t enforce dress code. 

3. Age 21+ with accepted I.D. – Valid U.S. government issued ID or passports only. No foreign D.L. This is at the venue’s discretion.

4. We are not responsible for last minute Venue, Time & Amenity changes – Although very rarely, through no fault of our own, venues may change as late as last minute. We are not responsible for changes the venues make. We will do everything we can to replace or even improve the night’s event. An updated nightly schedule is found on our website at (IMPORTANT)

5. Be on time and stay with the crawl – You must be with the crawl to receive drinks or drink specials, games, food, line fast-pass and no-cover entry. They are time sensitive and can not be made up. Many of these specials and games take place at the first venue.

6. All ticket sales are final  You have purchased a ticket to a closed event, no refunds.

7. Acceptable conduct – Entry and participation is solely at venue’s discretion. You are subject to each venue’s rules and regulations.

8. Our completed waiver is required  You are required to sign a release form upon entry to the event. Go to Waiver.Vegas

9. Don’t bring any drugs on the crawl – The laws from state to state regarding Marijuana are changing, however it is not permitted in any of the venues, and it will get you banned by the venue. 


We’re attending smaller venues. We’re spaced out at the tables. We have smaller group sizes (maxed out at 25). We wear masks. We have sanitizer. We encourage, plead and beg our crawlers to wear masks when not sitting at the tables. We remind everyone that we need to protect each other.
A Crawl is the BEST way to do Nightlife in a new city. We create a 5-venue night out with hundreds of other like-minded people who are looking to enjoy their vacation. We make sure you get to, and get into, the best venues. Most importantly your professional party hosts will make sure you “meet up, drink up, and hook up” with hundreds of others at our all-inclusive moving party. Additionally, we have taken care of all your cover charges, and provided you with what we call Fast-Pass Entry which you will see is “faster then VIP.” You will party for approximately 1¼ to 1½ hours at each of the first venues and shut the last one down!. When it is time to move from one venue to the next, your party hosts will let you know, and escort you to the next party.
The easiest answer is, maybe. Our commitment to you is to put together the best event. This means that we constantly evaluate the itinerary every week. Over years our Events Team has built the very best relationships in the business, and knows exactly what parties you’ll want to be at. The farther out you view, the more of a chance there may be differences between what is posted today, and the actual itinerary of your event in the future. Again, this is because we want you to have the Best Night of Your Life, and over time the hottest parties change.
If you have a specific venue that is a MUST, we suggest contacting us for a Private Tour by phone at 702.891.5001. Private Tours are the BEST way to tailor your night exactly how you want it.
YES! You will get a special group discount and we will take care of all the details for you. We have some great features ready for you, or you can custom create anything you can think of. Our group concierge staff are experts at making birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties and even divorce parties outrageous. It is easy to connect with us by email or phone. We have real people waiting to help you with just this. Call us now at 702.891.5001.
21+ with a U.S. government issued I.D. or a passport. Please be reminded that foreign driver’s licenses are not accepted, and this isn’t our rule. We can’t help out with this in any way. So if you are an international crawler, don’t forget your passport.
Absolutely! Our crawls are a wide mix of ages. Many are from other countries as well. If you are looking forward to meeting new people and having a great time you will love the crawl.
Each venue has their own dress code and they will enforce it. This means it’s not up to us, and we do not have the final say. Each venue will enforce their own rules at their own discretion, just like top venues in your city. The simplest way to think about Dress Code is upscale fashionable attire. In other words, dress to impress. Never permitted are: ratty hats, sandals, dirty or older sneakers, (usually sneakers are never permitted), flip-flops, men’s boots (like Timberland™), ripped or baggy clothing, shorts, camouflage, and athletic wear. Collared shirts are required for men. Remember this is your responsibility. For further information contact a World Crawl representative in your city or the venues you are visiting specifically.
The safest answer is yes. Each city may vary on this rule, and sometimes each crawl may have venues with different requirements. If you are in heels you usually have nothing to worry about. If you don’t want to wear heels, at the least wear dress shoes and consult the details of the specific venues your crawl is going to. Wedges and heeled boots and shoes are often appropriate. Very dressy fashion sandals, that are not a flip-flop, will also be allowed. Flip Flops or open-back sandals are never allowed. Please call us if you have any questions about your specific crawl at 702.891.5001.
Your purchased voucher from a third party IS NOT a ticket. You must redeem your voucher for an official crawl ticket. IMPORTANT… you will NOT BE ALLOWED on the tour without your ticket. We often sell out and vouchers are required to be exchanged for tickets so we can accommodate you. It is easy; just follow the directions on your voucher. Your voucher will direct you to the redemption area online, where you will be given instructions. Please be aware that same day voucher purchases are almost never permitted, and there are restrictions to all 3rd party voucher programs. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call, we are waiting phone in hand, and would love to answer any questions you may have at 702.891.5001.
Have to… no, but we strongly advise you arrive on time at the first event. The start of the tour is the MOST FUN part of the night. It is where our superstar staff break the ice for you, help you find your crew and lead you in the Party Games. Many of the amenities including drinks, food, games and other specials are provided by the starting venue. If you arrive late, you will miss out on these amenities, and miss out on the best time to meet everyone else.
Although a bus sounds fun, we did the math, and bus transportation can seriously eat into your party time. It really adds up: Crossing hotels to get to the hidden bus pick up spots, on-boarding 300 people, traffic and finding the next venue. We discovered this is far too much of your party time wasted. We therefore carefully choose our routes so that your time is maximized for partying. The majority of our traveling is walking, and the routes are carefully chosen to keep you in the top venues as long as possible. Rarely, we must use a bus. When that occurs, we make sure we have all the details and secret routes set up so we are as fast as possible.
We spend approximately 1¼ to 1½ hours at each of the first venues and shut the last one down!
Yes, most of the time. Sometimes, if a venue has a concert or special event, it becomes harder to return and they are always subject to capacity. Please note that in any Super-Club you must ask if this option is available when you arrive. It is your responsibility to confirm for yourself and if so – make sure you get your hand stamped to return to a venue as this will be what get’s you this privilege. This is why we try to save the biggest and best Super-Clubs for last, so this isn’t an issue.
We wish! Consequently the answer is No. However, what is included is an offering from each venue to showcase their party. Sometimes it can be free shots, drinks, discount drinks, buy-one-get-one and drink specials or coupons. Sometimes even open bar upgrades are available! This is 100% up to each venue, provided by them, and these amenities can vary night to night. Please drink responsibly.
Finger food or snacks are usually available at the first venue, and are only available at one venue on a crawl. The snacks are not meant to replace dinner, rather to be just enough to nibble on and take the edge off. You are encouraged to eat dinner before the crawl begins, or take advantage of the great food specials that may be available at our early venues.