4 Embarrassing Party Moments You Have To Hear

| by Nick Field

“I was set up on this blind date. We were having a great time until I looked down and saw that my entire left breast was hanging out! I was mortified.”

– Stacy 27, Las Vegas, NV



Embarrasing Moment 4

“I was hitting on this woman and noticed I had a long piece of toilet paper stuck to my shoe.”

– Tom 35, New York, NY




Embarrassing Moment 3

“Let me just paint an image for you. Bad shrimp before an all night party session. Bad combo. I don’t advise it.”

– Sammy 26, West Hollywood, CA



Embarrassing Moment 2“I hosted the hottest party ever. Literally. Someones ash caught on fire. We got it put out, but it did some damage.”

– Stefanie 31, Las Vegas, NV



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